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Marco Rojas founded RBS Finance in 2010. A seasoned finance executive with over 18 years of banking and finance experience, he has held various banking senior leadership positions including Senior Vice President, Chicago Regional Director of Associated Bank (ASBC) and Illinois Regional Manager, Regional Commercial Banking at CharterOne(Citizens)/RBS.


Broadening his scope, Marco administered a closely-held family equity fund and joined as a Director of Cornerstone Commercial Mortgage, a financing intermediary providing solutions for commercial loan transactions nationwide through its vast network of national, regional, and local banks; conduits; insurance companies; and, credit unions and private equity sources. Total fundings exceed $1 B to date.


Marco's deep experience and background in structuring and approving a wide variety of loan, mezzanine, and equity transactions as well as his network of funding relationships provide an invaluable resource to get deals done.

Marco Rojas

Managing Principal
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